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What is the
Movement Method?

Helping you achieve a
pain-free lifestyle.

Movement Method Training session
Movement Method mobility Training session
Movement Method posture

Back Pain

Back pain doesn’t have to rule your life and set the boundaries on your ability and performance. We can help reverse back pain and teach you to manage your body for long term results.

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Hip, Knee or Ankle Pain

Hip, knee, or ankle pain is normally caused by long term tracking issues. Let us alleviate these to empower you back to a lifestyle that allows the freedom to do the things you love.

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Bad Posture

Posture is by far the most important factor in total mechanical health. We will reset your posture back to a state that allows all movement to flow freely from it. Good posture means great movement.

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Movement Method Training session
Movement Method Training session
Movement Method Training session

Athletic Performance & Recovery

Each sport has a movement blueprint of performance which can sometimes cause more problems than good. Let us show you how to re-train and re-calibrate your body to improve your athletic performance.

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Elderly Rejuvenation

This life is a one-way journey, so make sure it’s a journey that is regenerative rather than degenerative. We pride ourselves on bringing a new lease of life for those who think that movement is a young person’s game. 

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General Fitness

We are devoted to anyone who steps into our facility to get them moving, feeling and looking great. We pride ourselves on promoting positive lifestyle adjustments to help you deal with a world we have become disconnected from.

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Movement Method Training session

1-1 training to focus
on you & your goals.

The only way to fix your body is by focusing on yourself and we will be there every step of the way to show you how. You can build a stronger and fitter body without having to put in hours and hours of work, day after day.


Let us show you how to save time, gain strength, build confidence and feel amazing.

Multiple benefits.

Movement Method Move logo

Allows you to move pain-free in your day to day life.

Movement Method Heart logo

Improve strength to all aspects of physical health.

Movement Method waist logo

Corrects body alignment to give you great posture.

Movement Method hobbies logo

Aids improvements to your physical hobbies.

Movement Method target logo

Learn to move efficiently and hit your personal targets.

Movement Method running logo

Train your body for what it is built to do.

Movement Method timer logo

Slow down the feeling of getting old & start to regenerate.

Movement Method goal logo

Develop a gold standard of knowledge & awareness.

Meet Taylor, the founder of the Movement Method.

With over 17 years working within the fitness industry, Taylor has seen aesthetically focused fitness fads come and go, but has always wondered why popular training methods never revolve around feeling and moving in the most efficient way possible. 

This led to him to create the Movement Method, where he seeks to help guide people through the journey to a fitter, faster, stronger and happier version of themselves.

When not working, you can find Taylor embracing nature, exploring wellbeing methods such as cold water exposure and breathing exercises, taking part in various sports, or spending time with his family and friends.

Movement Method Taylor
Movement Method Training consultation

It all starts with your
Discovery Session

To understand how to tailor your training, we need to start with an initial Discovery Session where we will analyse the following areas:

Health screening

Postural assessment

Corrective movements

GAIT analysis

Myofascial release

Breathing techniques

Your Discovery Session will provide you with an in-depth report of each area of analysis for your personal use.

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