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Success stories.

Healthy movement,
healthy lifestyle.

The Movement Method training structure is in place to help each individual achieve their own goals while building upon the foundations of movement that they use in everyday life. The following highlights some clients who have been able to change their lifestyle for the best after training with us.

Movement Method Training medicine ball
Movement Method running session

Chris, 36

Engineer by day, runner by night.

With chronic hip and groin pain his Discovery session showed excessive tightness, discomfort when moving, and overstimulation of his hip flexors, lower back, and psoas.

He trained once a week for 8 months, we used corrective movements, exercises that are in context to human biology, and myofascial release homework.

Chris has since got back to running, broken 10 personal bests, and is now training with Movement Method to run a sub 3 hour marathon, this time, pain-free.

Paula, 60

Age is just a number.

Having never been to a gym before, Paula’s discovery session showed some brain to body disconnection. This led to her feeling uncoordinated, out of shape and with postural issues.

Fast forward a year, the hard work, dedication, and educational journey she has been on have her feeling the complete opposite and as she commented has given her, her life back.


She wakes up and is ready to fly out the door. She recently became a grandmother and her body now allows her to handle the joys of child care.

Movement Method Training body coordination
Movement Method Training family
Movement Method Training session
Movement Method roger

Roger, 65

Double hip replacement & getting 
busy living

A man of action and adventure, Roger started training to develop the strength to protect his hips pre-op. Gaining the knowledge to understand the process Roger got straight into training. Still working with a level of discomfort but showing signs of greater strength every session.

Once both hips were replaced, Roger now is able to move pain-free day to date and complete physical achievements, he has completed several long, weighted walks up Snowdon, Pen Y Fan, and The Pyrenees to name a few.

Rachel, 34

Finally found a style of training 
that she loves

Rachel, Graphic designer, has never been a fan of training in a gym and loves her outdoors and adventure lifestyle, but was being held back from daily aches and pains from her desk job.

After training at Movement Method, she finally found a style of indoors training that has raise her performance across a wide variety of hobbies from Swimming, Cycling, Surfing and running with her dog.

She rarely suffers from any pain, where in the past, her desk job was causing serious discomfort.

Movement Method Training session
Movement Method surfing
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