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Movement Method warmup session

Stop seeing exercise.
Start seeing movement.

Movement Method exercise class

What is the
Movement Method?

Is day to day pain stopping you from doing the things you love?

Are you struggling to take your hobbies to the next level?

The Movement Method can help. Find out more about what we do and start your journey to moving better today.

Success stories.

The Movement Method has helped a diverse range of people overcome life-debilitating injuries, aches and pains.


From chronic back and shoulder injuries to lifelong hip and knee pains, we have the methods to get your life back to where you want it. 

Find out more about the people we've helped on our case study section. 


Movement Method Woman holding Dumbbell

What the movers say.

Movement Method Male Client

Robert, 72

If it wasn't for Movement Method,

I would still be suffering with sciatica, poor balance and unable to play with my grandchildren. They have changed my life.

Movement Method Becky

Becky, 45

As a gardener, I had constant pain in my shoulders and back. Movement Method has helped reduce my back pain and make me more aware of how to avoid these re-occurring injuries.

Movement Method Chris

Chris, 36

I was unable to run without chronic hip pain. Within 6 months using Movement Method, I was back to 10km runs which has led to 9 pb's, winning my first race. Today I am totally pain free.

Movement Method coaching session

It all starts with your
Discovery Session

To understand how to tailor your training, we need to start with an initial Discovery Session where we will analyse the following areas:

Health screening

Postural assessment

Corrective movements

GAIT analysis

Myofascial release

Breathing techniques

Your Discovery Session will provide you with an in-depth report of each area of analysis for your personal use.

Prices & packages.

The Movement Method offers various price plans based upon your needs.

With a flexible booking process, we can ensure that you train at a time that fits your lifestyle and schedule. 

Take advantage of lower session costs by block booking your sessions.

Movement Method Female running
Movement Method gym equipment

Gym space & equipment.

The Movement Method utilises 40 square metres of private gym space for you to use in your sessions.

With our quality over quantity ethos, all of our training equipment has been carefully chosen to maximise your development.


Our available equipment includes:

  • Assault Runner Treadmill

  • Wolverston Free Weights

  • Nord Cable Machine

  • Bosu balls

  • Myofascial Release equipment 

  • Club bells, Kettle bells & slam balls

  • and more...

Movement method workout class

Stop seeing exercise.
Start seeing

Contact us today to begin your journey to a pain-free life.

Learn the movements.

Training shouldn't be restricted to the gym, meaning you can continue to build upon your results in your own time.

Read, watch, practice and learn the various movement methods at home.

Movement Method Exercise class
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